Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Shenanigans

Hey guys!

We ended up going to the mall today b/c we had some gift cards burning a hole in our pockets. I made out pretty good. I got 3 sweaters and a long sleeve shirt for $50. All the winter stuff is so cheap now!! Crazy. Now I'm on a mission to find some jeans.

We worked up an appetite after all that shopping so we grabbed some Chickfila at the food court. Chickfila has a lot of great healthier options, especially for a fast food place. I got the Chargrilled Chicken sandwich, a side salad and a diet lemonade. Yummy in my tummy :)

Our mall has an indoor putt putt course, so we took Carter for his first game of miniature golf. He LOVED it.



He actually got a hole in one on one of the courses. He was so proud of himself! I have a feeling we'll be frequenting this place often. :)

I gotta run and start dinner, but I'll be back for a dinner post either tonight or tomorrow morning. Later gaters!



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  1. He is one of the cutest boys I have ever seen! Looks like you got some great bargaiins! January is a great month for that.