Thursday, January 21, 2010

I like it hott...

My chili that is. ;) This is going to be a boring post b/c my meals today have just been a bunch of repeats. I promise I'll eat something different for breakfast tomorrow :)

My predictable breakfast:

Lunch was a bowl of leftover White Bean Chicken Chili with a dollop of lite sour cream. Mmmm, so so good! Chili always tastes better the next day, don't ya think? I also had a slice of Ezekiel with Smart Balance buttah, but I wolfed it down before I even thought to take a picture. Sorry my mouth was on fiiii-yaah.

The hubby came home for lunch so I quick ran out and grabbed myself some much needed caffeine- a Grande Iced Nonfat Sugarfree White Chocolate Mocha w/ Sugarfree Whip (yea it's a mouthful to say!) from Joe Beans.


OH.MY.GAWWSH. You guys, I'm literally addicted to these things. They are so good. My hubby jokingly calls them my "crack mochas." ha :) Joe Beans is this great little drive thru coffee place here Lynchburg. Which brings me to the second reason I adore them- the drive-thru. There's no need to schlep the kids out of the car, wait in line, order, wait for  my drink, get the kids back in the car. I know there are some Starbucks that have drive-thrus, but (don't stone me here!) I'm not a big fan of Starbucks. There I said. I just feel like I can get better coffee, cheaper elsewhere (like Joe Beans ;)).  I hope we can still be friends :) ha

Alrighty, I'm off to get some stuff done and possible munch some of this-

whilst I do so :) Hope you're all having a great one!! See ya later!



Fill me in: Are you a Starbucks fan or is there another coffee place that holds your heart? 

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  1. Chili is way better the second, or third day! Gives it time to ferment :) Your chicken chili looks like one I may have to try.

    I LOVE coffee and try to help out the local, family owned, independent coffee shops, they are typically friendly and cheaper too! And...the coffee even may taste better, and not burnt. Just my opinion :)