Friday, January 22, 2010

My husband's a mind reader

Happy Friday everyone!!

All morning I'd been thinking about how good a Veggie sub would be for lunch. And whadda know, when the Hubby came home for his lunch break he had Subway! I hadn't even said anything to him about my lil craving. I swear he reads my mind sometimes. Love him :)

That's 6in veggie on 9 grain wheat with no cheese and every veggie. Mmm Mmm! While he was home I ran to Kroger to pick up some laundry detergent b/c I've had this massive pile of laundry taunting me the past 2 days and we're running out of stuff to wear. Not good. 

It just so happens that other other love of my life (Joe Beans) happens to be on the way to Kroger. Of course I couldn't drive by without saying hello and grabbing my "crack mocha." It was free today b/c my frequent buyer card was all punched (shocking, right?). It always tastes even better when I don't have to pay for it. ;)

The hubby has to work late tonight (boo), so I'll probably ended up eating leftovers from last night and doing a workout video when I put the kids to bed. Tomorrow should be fun though. I think we're going to a take Carter putt-putting for the first time. :) Hope everyone has a great Friday night! (Hopefully a little more exciting than mine! ha)




  1. hi this is a great post.ha I have a frequent flyer card half full I will send you.

  2. aww so sweet about your hubby!! what a sweetie!