Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Workout High

There is nothing like the feeling after completing tough workout! I was a sweaty beast after I finished Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism. I thought I was going to die at a couple points, ha but I pushed through and finished strong. Whew. If my 3 year old hadn't been watching me suffer from the comfort of the couch I probably would've been cursing the whole time. I refrained though and just silently cursed in my head ;) 

Lunch was this beauty...

I love Amy's products! I know it doesn't look very appetizing..but trust me, it rocked my face :)  I also sipped one of these guys...

This is the only flavor that doesn't taste like death. I think I might actually love it. It almost tasted like sparkling wine. Well at least that's what I kept telling myself as I drank it. ;)

Sorry for such a short post, but I got 2 hungry kiddies that are getting fiesty on me. I'll catch ya later!!



Question: Have you tried Kombucha? Love it or Hate it? Favorite flavors? I've tried a few of the other flavors, but Grape is the only one that I can drink with out dry heaving, haha.


  1. What is " Burn Fat Boost Metabolism"? A DVD? Sounds intense! I must google it !

  2. It's one of Jillians! :) It's more of a cardio circuit workout then all strength training, but it is gooood!